Like most parents, I want my young LEGO-fanatic to stay off the boob tube, but am tired of the sticker shock of LEGO kits that he puts together and ultimately doesn't play with much after... Enter Pleygo! They're basically the Netflix of LEGOs:when your kid is done playing with one set, just ship it back free of charge for the next set and keep on going! You can choose from three tiers depending on your kid's skill level and all sets are sanitized and the best part...? If they lose a piece or two you don't get penalized! Yeah you don't get to town these sets, but can keep them as long as you'd like and who wants to own thousands of little pieces that you only end up finding underfoot on the stairs in the dark anyway?



One mother of two, Elina Furman got the idea when she did a hunt for the concept of renting legos and couldn't find one. BAM! An idea and (hopefully) lucrative business was born. The best inventions come when you solve a problem for a large mass of people and kudos to Elina for landing on this biggie!

They've got over 300 sets available for use right now and that base is ever-growing and you can even contribute your kid's sets for credit!


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