I guess it truly wouldn't be Christmas without some sort of drunk Santa Claus. Of course Christmas of 2013 was the perfect place to find one. 

According to reports, our very intoxicated Santa tried to hitch a free ride in Seattle on a Ride the Ducks vessel. The only problem, father Christmas wanted a free ride and that wasn't happening.

Employees, smelling booze, asked the man if he had a ticket, reports say. He said he didn’t, but wanted to ride the next trip. Santa refused to leave the boat-bus when employees asked him to leave."

So what happened next? Santa went nuts and started climbing up the side and tearing down Christmas decorations. When security showed up Santa tried to explain he didn’t mean to rip the Christmas lights and turn into a Grinch.

Santa of course fled the scene and is still on the loose.

The following video is NSFW:

Merry Christmas!


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