Has your dog ever found any exciting bones in the backyard? I'm betting he never found actual human remains like one dog did in Washington at the Nisqually Reservation

Guess what, the human leg wasn't the only dismembered body part found, investigators found even more body parts after one day of searching. 93 year old pet owner Bill Flowers found the leg after his dog Liberty dragged it home.

"I examined it," Flowers said. "I picked it up, and looked at the toes and nothing. None of the leg or foot was damaged - from the knee down it wasn't damaged at all."

According to Komo News, Flowers said the leg was gray in color, was dismembered about 4 inches from the buttocks, and of course it was a leg. Now one would think you'd call the police as fast as you could, but Flowers was to scared. He buried the leg in his backyard, and didn't call police until four days later. He was afraid he would go to jail for the murder.

"I was afraid to call. I'm 93 years-old. I didn't want to have to go to the pen for something I didn't do."

Lesson learned, next time call the police.

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