While we were passing out candy at Trick Or Treat Street at Sangertown Square Mall my girlfriend and I stumbled upon a historic landmark of the mall. This landmark was the former Hoyts Sangertown Movie theater. It's a ghost town now, but the shell still exist.

The theater is long gone from the mall. It showed it's last movie in 2004. Now it looks like it's used for storage, and extra mall bathrooms. The current mall bathrooms are getting a facelift, and these bathrooms located in the former theater are temporary bathrooms.

Here's a couple pictures we snapped yesterday afternoon. See if you can try and remember where everything was.


This would have been the entrances to theatres 7-9. You would have been able to buy gum, and bouncy balls out of the candy machines in the front. Where the Coke machine is standing now once used to be home of movie posters.


This sticker is located on the former doors you opened to walk into the theaters.


Do you remember going to the movies at the mall? What movies did you end up seeing?