Losing your job is never an easy experience. Even on a professional sports level it’s pretty tough. Sure, athletes are making much more money than you and I, but its still unemployment. Think of it likes this; the whole world has their eyes on you. They are watching your every move. It must be extremely stressful.

Last Year: Tim Tebow single-handedly brought a team back to life and led them to the playoffs while becoming the biggest story in all of sports. Tebow merchandise was huge around Christmas, and I’m sure the Broncos made a pretty penny off of him.

This Year: The Broncos signed Peyton Manning, leaving Tebow as the odd-man-out. So now the Broncos, which owed all of their success to Tebow, will most likely look to trade him. To add more salt on those wounds, they had to use a lot of the money Tebow brought in to sign Manning’s $96 Million dollar contract.

Things are looking up for Tebow though; NFL.com is reporting that The Jaguars and The Jets, along with several other teams, have serious interest in trading for Tebow. This could be Tebow’s time to shine.