If you are like me you would never believe that ghosts existed unless you had a weird experience. I have had some strange occurrences that would definitely support the fact that there is another side, and spirits do exist.

If you are looking for something fun to do you'll want to check out the Ghost Train on October 26th with the Shadow Chasers. You will be riding with TV paranormal personalities who will tell stories of encounters with the paranormal world. You will get off the train in Remsen where you'll explore three historic haunted sites with the hosts and have a chance to see ghostly evidence first hand. After exploring the sites the hosts will be presenting their findings at a cocktail party. You will get to meet them and hear about some of their most recent adventures. Tickets are available at the Oldiez 96.1 studios on River Road in Marcy or online here.

Even if it does not make you a believer, you will enjoy it and it will be an experience you can talk about for quite some time.