Warning: Some major spoilers ahead, and also some major drama. Click away now if you don't want to read. It appears that many reliable Big Brother websites are reporting that Jeremy and Aaryn cheated during the recent HoH competition. Will CBS address the cheating?

The HoH competition was nothing new we haven't seen on the show before. The houseguests had to fill the jug up and grab a ping pong ball inside. Only this time unlike other seasons, the houseguests were paired up.   Once a team filled the jug and got the ball out, it was the teams responsibility to pick a winning HoH.

The houseguests were paired up the following way: Spencer & Helen, Candice & GinaMarie, Andy & Elissa, Amanda & Kaitlin, Judd & Nick, Jeremy & Aaryn, and Jessie & Howard.

Here comes some spoiler action.... Ready or not....

According to The Big Brother Network, it appears that Jeremy and Aaryn won the competition and Aaryn won HoH.

Did this team do it fair? On the world of Twitter and Facebook fans are upset because they are accusing Jeremy of stealing the larger cup and filling his jug. Did he do this?


Apparently during the competition, things were looking pretty shady between Jeremy and Aaryn during the exchange at the hedge. Houseguests were supposed to pour that BBQ sauce stuff into their partners spoon, but Aaryn and Jeremy were making some pretty quick exchanges at times. You can view the exchanges at 6:49pm – cam 4 using the flashback feature.

I don’t know what to think about it. They were certainly fast exchanges, and it’s possible they were just swapping spoons instead of sauce, but there is no concrete evidence to that. There is a screenshot floating around from the side view that doesn’t really show anything either. With all the cameras in that back yard, I’d have a hard time believing they could do that type of exchange and not be noticed."

So far nothing is being confirmed by Big Brother or CBS. This video is floating around online:

It doesn't really show anything. Our friends at Big Brother Buddy are asking fans to write in to CBS and complain. You can find that link here.

So when did cheating happen? One user on Big Brother Buddy posted this:

They cheated by switching cups with each other instead of dumping from the sauce from cup-to-cup as in the instructions. I watched the live feeds. They absolutely DID cheat to win."


At this moment we can't confirm or deny cheating in the game.