Well, no it doesn't quite fit under your tree but imagine looking out your window to see a new ride in your driveway on Christmas morning, even if you bought it yourself! Most don't think about buying cars in the winter, especially in this salt-eaten state, but now is prime-time to trade up that river rat for some new wheels.

Showrooms can be downright lonely places this time of year but dealers still have their own bills to meet – and gifts to buy – so they’re often in a mood to do what it takes to get you to buy.

Yes, also contrary to popular belief, car dealers are people too and need to buy their gifts as well, albeit full-size airplanes and other luxuries, but no matter the lifestyle, this is crunch time to all of our pocketbooks.

Now that we've established this month as THE month to shop for a car, what DAYS are the best too? One day has already past but the rest are up for grabs... They are December 24, 27, 28, 29, 30 and 31st. But just shopping on the right month or day isn't a guaranteed slide into a huge deal, there's one more thing to keep in mind.

Some experts have suggested buyers get their best deals when they’re grumpy, perhaps because sales people think the customer is more likely to walk if they don’t come up with a good deal.  It certainly helps not to be overly enthusiastic and signal you’re ready to buy no matter what.

Not that you should show up and be a total scrooge, but definitely don't pull a Keith James and just go bouncing in there like Tigger. That'll put a huge bulls-eye on you no matter what month it is! Of course good springy weather puts anybody in a mood to buy anything, so take advantage of this scummy Central New York weather and go grab yourself that new car that'll just make all of your other troubles just fade away...