David Girton was the first houseguest out of the Big Brother 15 house, but he didn't care. He was happier with the fact he had a showmance. He had a showmance with Aaryn Gries, who he's still rooting for despite the fact she's a racist. 

David tells TMZ he was "shocked" when he watched the footage at home. How could he be shocked? Is he that dumb? He didn't notice Aaryn being a racist at all? That's shocking.

"People are saying I'm racist too because I was with Aaryn," David says ... "That is not me." David says he's not convinced Aaryn's a bigot -- but will continue to watch the show to see her "true colors." In fact, he says he's still rooting for Aaryn to win.

Does he know once she leaves the house their showmance is over?