How was your weekend? My was pretty amazing. I asked my girlfriend Sarah to marry me on Saturday and she said yes. 

I had the whole thing planned out on Saturday, except weather got in the way. Originally I wanted to pop the question at sunset on Onedia Lake. However, it was extremely windy and the mood was not right. We decided to take our picnic to Lake Delta, however, the same problem was there... weather.

My next idea was to pop the question at sunset. We drove all over Central New York to find the best spot to watch the sunset, but as we found, it was very difficult to see it. So so far, both my plans were not able to happen.

Next was pure brilliance. I bought a bottle of champagne, and wanted to sneak the ring in one of the glasses. Once I popped open the bottle, I wanted to put the ring in but got scared that the champagne would ruin the ring...

I ended up getting down on one knee, saying something straight from the heart and she said yes.

I'm very lucky and blessed to have found Sarah and I know this is the start of an amazing life together. I love her very much and I'm very happy I can share our story with you, our listeners and readers.

Dave Wheeler/TSM


UFO Sighting Over Hamilton On July 12th 2013

A UFO was reported over Hamilton New York on July 12th 2013. Here's the report we were able to find. Have you ever heard of Mufon is a website set up for "The Scientific Study of UFOs for the Benefit of Humanity". Each day you can find hundreds of UFO sightings from all over the nation.