From our homes, we watch pro athletes run, jump, sweat and hit. It looks pretty exhausting to be a big athlete (except the big checks). Not all jobs in sports are exhausting. Some jobs are pretty easy.

Here's a rundown of some of the cushiest jobs in sports according to the

Scoreboard Operator- All you have to do is simply stay awake and pay a bit attention to the game. It's almost impossible to break a sweat.

Bench Warmer on an MLB Team- Playing baseball involves a lot of standing around. So, being a bench warmer means taking a load off and standing as little as possible.

NFL Punters and Kickers- Punters and kickers aren't expected to tackle anyone.

Owner- Sitting in the owner's box, bossing other people around, it's good to be king.

What sports job would be a dream job for you?