As If people don't already have enough to worry about, it seems that German beer drinkers are concerned about crop circles recently seen in Bavaria, one of the world's largest beer producing regions.

According to an article on

"The extraterrestrials have arrived, and they're destroying the crops we use to make beer.

That's the belief of some tourists who traveled to Germany to examine a crop circle that was recently discovered in a Bavarian wheat field. They've turned out by the thousands to see the formation that was originally spotted by hot air balloonists last week, according to "The Local".

Some of them believe there's no way humans could have created the work of art.

"This is a technology which we haven’t mastered yet," one visitor told The Local. “They want to show us – we are here, we love you.""

Watch this video footage of the Bavarian crop circle to see for yourself:

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