Modern family life in 2012 includes drive-thrus for convenient meals. Nobody would claim that these fast food meals are healthy, but they're not that terrible, are they? Well think again. Here’s a list from MNN of creepy mystery ingredients in fast food:

  • Duck Feathers

    A lot of baked goods use the chemical L-Cysteine in it to make the dough softer. Fun fact, that chemical is created in factories from human hair and duck feathers.

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  • Processed Wood Pulp

    Better known as known as cellulose, is used in everything from cheese to salad dressing, from muffins to strawberry syrup.

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  • Silly Putty

    Remember that stuff you played with in 3rd grade science? Well a form of silicon used in Silly Putty is also the secret ingredient that keeps fryer oil from foaming.

  • Beetle Juices

    Don’t say this name three times fast! Some red food dyes are made from the dried, crushed bodies of dead beetles. Fast food restaurants put this stuff in some meats, sausages, marinades, bakery products, toppings and juices, among many other things.

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  • Human Hair

    It’s that special ingredient on the list. Sometimes if cooks aren’t wearing hairnets, expect a unexpected hair to get covered up by cheese.

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