Did you hear Charlie Sheen died? Lindsay Lohan shot him with a musket! Did you believe that? If so you may be gullible. "You're So gullible McFly!". How gullible are we?

A new British survey shed an embarrassing light on just how gullible many people are.

Here's a rundown from BirminghamScienceCity.co.uk of the sorts of crazy things many people believe:

  • Nearly a third of those surveyed believe time travel is actually possible.
  • Over 20 percent of adults believe light sabers exist.
  • 24 percent of people believe humans can be teleported.
  • Almost half of adults believe memory-erasing technology exists.
  • More than 40 percent of people believe hover boards exist.
  • 18 percent of adults believe they can see gravity.

What do you believe all the time that isn’t true?