Beer and sports is a match made in Heaven isn't it? We didn't say it was a cheap love affair, and as CBS points out it's far from cheap. 

Where in the country is beer the most expensive at ballparks? It appears to be Boston. At Fenway you're looking at spending about 60 cents per ounce of beer.

I thought Yankee Stadium was bad, but it's 5th on this list from CBS. You're only looking to spend around 50 cents per ounce.

Who has the cheapest? It must feel good to be a Angels fan, they only spend about 28 cents.

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Coulter Was Kicked Out For Having His Son Hold His Beer

Father John Coulter was kicked out of an Arizona Cardinals football game for asking his son to hold his beer. It wasn't like he asked his son to hold his beer so he could light a smoke or something... Coulter was at Saturday's game, and like any other father, wanted to make the day special for his son.