Police in Tacoma, Washington say a driver literally got himself arrested Tuesday evening, when he repeatedly butt-dialed 911 while drunk behind the wheel.  

Cops traced the call, and caught up with the unidentified suspect's car just as he ran a red light. Officers tried to pull the vehicle over only to observe the driver slow down, let his passenger out, and speed away.

The car, which was found to be stolen, was found abandoned later. The suspect got away clean -- that is until a second accidental 911 call some time later led cops to find the suspect again, with a woman in a different vehicle. The impaired suspect and the female, who was also intoxicated, were arrested on a variety of charges.

 The Tacoma News Tribune, reports the 47-year-old suspect first unintentionally dialed the emergency number around 11:30 p.m., allowing operators to hear a woman screaming and sounds of a struggle between a man and a woman.