I love old, classic packaging such as the 6 ounce Coca-Cola contour bottle, Quaker Oats in the cardboard cannister, you name it. So, when I saw this throwback Coors Banquet Beer bottle, it caught my attention.

Here's more from beerpulse.com:


Coors Banquet is introducing the “Banquet Bottle” across the country. The Banquet Bottle is a 12 oz. bottle in a “stubby” shape that is inspired by the bottle used after Prohibition.

- Through the end of the year, each bottle will display one of three labels inspired by post-Prohibition era packaging found in the Coors Banquet archives.

- The Banquet Bottle will be available to consumers in bars, restaurants and available for purchase in 6-pack configurations nationwide."

I remember back in the 1960s and 70s, many beers in Utica Club were packaged in similar 12 ounce "stubby" bottles, which came to be known as class cans. One benefit of about this bottle is that you can fit more into a cooler than the tall neck 12 ouncers.

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