We've teamed up with Warner Sales & Service to salute hard working contractors in Central New York. This week's 'Warner's Warrior' is Colin Roberts at Magnum Construction of Utica.

Collin was nominated by his girl friend Christina Todd who says:

My boyfriend wakes up every day at 430am so he can pick up the guys who don't have cars or cars broke down to work. He works 50+ hrs a week and never complains.

He works for his dad at Magnum Construction doing steel stud and sheet rocking. He works outside in CNY winters/summers (which we know both are brutal) framing buildings in jeans and work boots freezing or sweating. He comes home in the winter his hands bleeding from cuts and cracks from being dry and cold.

He has been doing this since he was 16. 11 years now and so he sometimes picks up the slack of the newer guys. He carries 15' sheet rock up 6 or more stories all day since they dont fit in elevators. (Makes ya really appreciate the work that goes into buildings). And when he isn't working he will help my dad out with remolding my moms store, barn work or chopping wood.

He is a great guy who goes above and beyond to help people out. The most impressive is he has never taken a sick day in the 4 years I have been with him. I truly am proud of him and even if he doesn't win this he still is the most badass construction worker there is."

If anyone deserves to be a Warner’s Warrior, it’s Collin. Congrats on being one tough animal!

If you know a ‘Warner’s Warrior,’ nominate them.