Do you ever finding yourself saying that Central New York isn’t unique at all? Do you find yourself saying we don’t have any unique sports to offer? Well think again. Meet the Central New York Roller Derby team.

In late 2007, a small group of women in and around Utica, NY began talking about playing roller derby. None had any significant prior skating experience. Some had never seen a roller derby bout, and this was at a time when you still had to really search to even see it on Youtube! Through mutual friends, they were introduced to members of Assault City Roller Derby in Syracuse NY, and began to make the snowy trek once a week to practices in Syracuse. Soon more local women started asking about the sport. By December 2007, we had enough local and regional interest to begin hosting their own practices, and Central New York Roller Derby League was born.”

For those that don’t know, roller derby is not a cheap sport to be involved with. You can help out our girls on May 12th from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., at the Tramontane Cafe, on 1105 Lincoln Av. in Utica with their semi annual bake sale.  The women of Central New York Roller Derby aren't just talented on the track, they've got skills in the kitchen too.

Past creations include everything from your basic chocolate chip cookie to wild creations like cake pops or jalapeno cupcakes!  Have a sweet tooth and a gluten allergy?  You'll find gluten free goodies and some vegan yummies available as well!  What easier and tastier way is there to support your local derby girl?”


[via cnyrollerderby]