If you missed it the other night, during an interview with Anderson Cooper, another CNN reporter seemed awfully happy as she talked about legalized pot in Colorado. Check out the video.

According to an article by Erik Sherman on jobs.aol.com:

"No question reporting can be a dangerous occupation. But not every story is in a war zone and sometimes the impact of a story on a journalist can be pretty funny. At least it was when CNN broadcast its latest Gone to Pot segment on a cannabis tour of Colorado, which just made recreational pot legal. And as Gawker reported, journalist Randi Kaye seemed more toked than stoked after spending a day around people who were sampling the local goods.

With a big smile -- no, bigger ... bigger -- and a readiness to giggle at almost anything, Kaye's on-air demeanor during a segment of Anderson Cooper 360° suggested she had really gotten into the story and become part of it."

Watch the interview, and you make the call!