Keep all food inside, they said.  Don't leave coolers containing food, outside, they said.  Yeah yeah, blah blah blah, I've heard it all before.  Perfect example of becoming too comfortable with the basic routine.  So tell us what happened, Chip!  Ok, camping in Old Forge this weekend, I ( can I blame the wife?) forgot to bring in the cooler containing some sandwiches leftover from an earlier trip to the beach.  6:00 am, I hear a sound outside the camper.  My first thought is that my 6-year old is outside playing with his legos.  Ok, time to take a peek, so I unzip the window of our hybrid camper and what do I see taking off with our Ziploc bag of sandwiches?  That's right Yogi Bear himself, well maybe not Yogi, but quite possibly a distant relative.  I fumbled for my phone so I could get a pic.  This one probably won't win any awards, but sorry, my photo eyes weren't quire with it just yet. I woke the children to take a look.   He didn't seem to be too distracted by us gawking at him through the screen, I think breakfast was more his agenda at this moment.  Was I startled and concerned for the safety of my family?  Yes, but after a moment, I realized that he was just a black bear looking some grub.  He quickly moved on to the next campsite, but he certainly gave us an Adirondack memory that we will never forget.