I had someone write in and say we always talk about classic cars and that theirs a lot of classic bikes too. So for today’s Classic Car, let’s step outside the box and talk about the 1951 Triumph Thunderbird.

The 1951 Triumph Thunderbird is a fine example of the look of most Triumph Motorcycles in the late 1940s & early 1950s. Still with a rigid frame until 1953, but with a sprung rear hub, the ride & handling were not spectacular. In fact it would be many years before Triumph Motorcycles gained a reputation as excellent-handling bikes. The bumps were soaked up by the sprung saddle & the natural flex of the frame. I rode recently next to a 1950 Triumph Speed Twin, which used the same rigid frame/sprung rear hug setup & noted that the frame flexed considerably on bumps. But it all seemed to work, somehow. This stunning Polychromatic Blue was a new paint color for the 1951 model year.”




[via Classic British Motorcycles]