It’s Friday August 13th of 1982. Your miserable at home because the summer heat is killing you. You’re miserable watching the news and seeing all the horrible “Dirty Laundry”. You decide to take a drive out to Oneida Lake and you turn on your favorite radio station. You hear this incredible song and the jock informs you it’s off Don Henley’s new album “I Can't Stand Still.”

“I Can't Stand Still” was the first solo album released by Henley.

The album went gold, reached #24 on the charts, and released three singles, including the huge hit "Dirty Laundry," which reached #3 on the charts and became Henley's biggest hit single. "I Can't Stand Still" reached #48 and the controversial "Johnny Can't Read" reached #42 on the charts. The album showcased Henley's frustration at the time with "Dirty Laundry" in which he displays his disgust with the media and tabloid news and coverage and with "Johnny Can't Read," which shows his displeasure with the educational system of America at that time.”


Track listing

1) "I Can't Stand Still"

2) "You Better Hang Up"

3) "Long Way Home"

4) "Nobody's Business"

5) "Talking to the Moon"

6) "Dirty Laundry"

7) "Johnny Can't Read"

8 ) "Them and Us"

9) "La Eile"

10) "Lilah"

11) "The Unclouded Day"





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