Early Fleetwood Mac guitarist Bob Welch was found dead Thursday afternoon from what police are describing as a self-inflicted gun shot wound. Let’s honor his life this morning with our Classic Album Cover feature and shine the spotlight on French Kiss.

French Kiss was the solo debut album from Bob Welch. The songs, with the exception of "Sentimental Lady", were intended for a third album by Welch's previous band, Paris. However, the group fell apart in 1977 before recording could begin.


For the most part, French Kiss presents a mix of hard rock guitar, disco-ish rhythms and sweeping strings. The big hits were "Ebony Eyes", which peaked at #14 in the US, and a revised version of "Sentimental Lady", which peaked at #8, a song that Welch had originally recorded with Fleetwood Mac in 1972, for the album Bare Trees.”


Track Listing

1) "Sentimental Lady" - 2:52

2) "Easy to Fall" - 3:31

3) "Hot Love, Cold World" (Bob Welch, John Henning) - 3:39

4) "Mystery Train" - 3:07

5) "Lose My Heart" - 1:55

6) "Outskirts" (Bob Welch, John Carter) - 3:19

7) "Ebony Eyes" - 3:33

8) "Lose Your..." - 0:45

9) "Carolene" - 3:13

10) "Dancin' Eyes" - 3:20

11) "Danchiva" - 3:51

12) "Lose Your Heart" - 3:16




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