In 1982 the dystopian science fiction thriller, Blade Runner, was released. Now the cinematic masterpiece has been re-imagined in 8-bit.

Blade Runner starred Harrison Ford, Rutger Haur and many other up-can-coming stars at the time it was made. Taking place in a dystopian Los Angeles in November of 2019, a retired detective was tasked with tracking down android replicants that had murdered their way back to earth.

While the film was originally viewed as a commercial flop in the US, it has since become a cult film and has been hailed for its distinct look and cinematic appeal. It has since become a template for many movies, games and books portrayals of the future.

Aside from the flying cars (but we do still have more than five years to get there), the Blade Runner vision of the future seems to be well on target.


Retro 'Kids Guide To The Internet' Will blow Your Mind

Everything old is new again as a video tutorial to the internet from the late 90′s has gone viral. The video called, 'The Kids Guide to the Internet,' is simply astounding. Filmed when teaching videos were the thing to do, it features a family straight that looks like they just picked up a camera and filmed this as a weekend project.