Do you think there are rules to having a Lawn Sale? Garage Sale? Tag Sale? See what happened to Cindy McMullen at a Yard Sale. 

Do you ever stop at garage sales? I think it's the coolest way to go green. Reuse instead of throwing it away. The thing is, you have to trust the seller. Is he/she telling you the truth or a bunch of lies?

Well, I went to a sale in Sauquoit on the corner of  Rt. 8 and Holman County Road because I saw a grill that my husband and I had in the past that we loved until the wind blew it off our second-story deck while under construction. We wanted to buy the grill for our daughter Shelby.

She's such a hard worker and to show her how proud we are of her we wanted to buy her a nice grill that would last. We were talking about getting her a new Webber Grill, but then we saw the grill we used to own, so I went back to check it out. The seller said he used the grill twice. I noticed some of the internal parts were painted and asked him if it's ok to cook on that? He says "Yes, it's grill paint. It's safe" He swore it's been used twice and "the price for me is $65.00." I've been sending pics to my daughter and husband, and I get the all clear sign. So I purchase the grill.

When I get home, Douglas says "It's broken, and there's no fixing it. You've been taken advantage of. That guy totally lied and took advantage of you. Take it back while they're still there."

Cindy McMullen/TSM

The photo above shows the center piece is not only upside down, but also missing a center piece that should be attached. Remember the seller told me the grill has only been used twice. That's a complete lie according to the condition of the grill. Yes, it was cleaned up to look like new but...

It's sad that Shysters are out to take advantage of us. My husband knew I was taken advantage of and was very angry. What's our world coming to when you can't even trust your neighbors. I loaded up our Rottweiler, Rocky, (who's a big baby but looks intimidating) along with the grill and drove back to the sale (scared as heck I might add). I said, "I want my money back because the grill is worthless." There was no argument, he gave my money back, he knew what he did, and he didn't get away with it this time. There are people who just want to scam you and rip you off. Imagine if that effort and hard work went into something positive.

Check this broken grill being sold as "like new." LOL.

Cindy McMullen/TSM

Looks good right?

Cindy McMullen/TSM

Looks brand new. Hey, it's only been used twice! What a deal.

Cindy McMullen/TSM

This is painted

Cindy McMullen/TSM

There should be a center piece in the middle of the painted piece that lifted off the center.

Cindy McMullen/TSM

This is where the lawn sale is being held. Anyone know the old turkey farm in Sauquoit on the corner of Rt. 8 and Holman County Road? If I were you, I would skip this one.

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