Another trip to the Adirondacks. This adventure began with a short jaunt to Lewey Lake which is located about 76 miles North of Utica on Hwy 30.

Easy to get there, but oooooooh the hills! North on 8 through Poland, Lake Pleasant, and into Speculator...a left turn on 30 for about another 20 minutes to Lewey Lake State Campground. Although in a camper, rough camping here as with most state campgrounds, there is no electric hookup. Ipad, iphones, and laptop had a break for the weekend. Located just south of the much larger Indian Lake, the thing I think I enjoyed most about Lewey Lake, is that I didn't see any speedboats, jetskis, or waverunners. A lot of canoes, paddle boats, and kayaks. This made for a more peaceful outing, except when the kids were griping about no tv. The brief period of rain that we had was not too much of an inconvenience, but it made it hot and it seemed to get everything dirty. I can appreciate a good rain, but raindrops smacking the vinyl roof of the flip out bunks in our hybrid camper, made it sound like like rocks falling on the roof, rather than raindrops. Overall a good weekend. Chip gives it 2 thumbs up, but was not real thrilled about driving the camper home in the rain. We packed up in the morning quite hastily so we could miss getting poured on while packing...we did by mere minutes!