It's actually pretty good to be a Chicago Bears fan these days. So far the team has lost only one game all season. They are on top of their game so of course fans will drink in celebration. When the fans traveled to Nashville to see the Bears play the Tennessee Titans over the weekend, they didn't leave until they drank all of Nashville's beer. 

Reports are coming out of Nashville claiming that the bars were left very short.

NBC Chicago reported that "The Paradise Park Trailer Resort, for one, had no bottled beer left by dinner time Sunday. Whiskey Bent Saloon had two brands left. In the city where live music is accompanied by whiskey & rye, they apparently weren't prepared for their beer drinking football fans from the north.



The Bears demolished the Titans 52-20. Fans chugging all that beer just adds insult to injury to the people of Nashville. Chicago fans at the Nashville Airport on Monday laughed at the number of saloons they left dry. Heck, I'd laugh too!