Miley Cyrus is proving time and time again that she's all grown up. These latest photos from Notion Magazine help prove that even more.

According to Perez Hilton, Miley really exposes herself.

Miley exposes her boobs in a mesh dress, but surprisingly her nipples are nowhere to be found! In another shot, she turns her booty to the camera in a white PVC ensem that includes painted on leather pants with an 'M' strategically placed on the cheek.

Want to see the photos?


What Is "Twerking?"  [VIDEO]

All over the country teens are doing it. It is called "twerking," and not since "Footloose" has dancing in school caused so much controversy. Nor has it garnered so much publicity. An instructional video on YouTube has been watched, as of this writing, more than four million times. What is twerking?