Have you ever wondered what a Catolic priest would sound like rapping? Well now you can rap to "The Symphony and the Static" from Father Claude Burns aka Father Pontifex.

According to The Blaze, Father Burns released this rap album in the hopes that he will stir people ”to embrace the presence of God in their lives.” It doesn't appear he's looking to become the next Kanye West, but he hopes his music helps people.

THEBLAZE: What can listeners expect to hear on “The Symphony and the Static?”

FR. PONTIFEX: They can expect to hear a wide diversity in sounds and moods. The track production, by design, reflects the theme of the symphony and the static — that is the tension between hope and suffering. I spent almost a year writing lyrics and creating themes for this album. It has some tough cutting edge rhyme schemes and also thought provoking spoken word poetry. They will hear my experiences with the human drama and the hope I hold in my heart as I deal with [this experience].

THEBLAZE: So, where did you get the name — “The Symphony and The Static”?

FR. PONTIFEX: The idea for “The Symphony and The Static” as a concept came to me during Christmas last year. I was going through a difficult time in my life and I had also walked with some people through some tough times — and yet it was Christmas, which is always a joyful experience for me. The feelings I had inside birthed in me the idea of the tension between hope and suffering, joy and pain, and peace and violence.

One of the lines from “The Overture” sums it up: “We live in the tension of chaos and glory, chapters buried in time with so much more to the story.” My life feels like that and it’s what I observe and experience with my people. Not one of us is immune to the human drama. Each one of us experiences our own symphony and static.

Could this be the next big hit from a Priest?

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