Valentine’s Day

What Women Really Want For Valentine’s Day
Valentine's Day is just a couple of weeks away, and that means thinking about a romantic gift for your sweetheart. For women, we guys will probably head to the florist or candy store, or both, and maybe dinner out. But, is that what they really want?
Five Of The Worst Pick Up Lines
Most of us have all been through this at least a few times in our lives.You happen to be out somewhere and a very attractive lady sits down next to you. You really want to strike up a conversation with her. You finally get a chance to talk to her and it seems like all the wrong words are coming out.
The Biggest Valentine
Hey with Valentines Day less than two weeks away you should have some idea of what you are going to do for your sweetheart. I have given you some of the cheapest gifts as well as some of the best gifts.
What Do Men Want For Valentine’s Day?
We all have heard that women like chocolates, flowers, dinner out, etc...for Valentine's Day, whether that's actually what they want, that's usually what they get. But what kind of gifts would men want to receive? Glad I asked.

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