Can You Take On The Triple Bypass Burger?
Mover over Chip Douglas, it's chow down with Keith this time! The Triple Bypass Burger from Charlie Boy's in New Hartford is the mission and I chose to accept it. Did I self destruct? Read on to find out the aftermath...
Aerosmith Unfold Their Wings at Cleveland Concert
Throughout most of Aerosmith‘s concert in Cleveland, Ohio last night (June 19), a single square panel of the circular video screen above the band refused to fall in line with the rest of the display, broadcasting random colors instead of say, Steven Tyler and Joe Perry in action.
‘Rock of Ages’ – Movie Review
The film version of ‘Rock of Ages‘ merits a lengthy and highly qualified recommendation: Can you stand the Broadway musical format at all? Can you stay extremely open-minded as some of your favorite ’80s rock songs are re-recorded by actors, then endure a couple of questi…
Joe Walsh, ‘Lucky That Way’ – Song Review
Joe Walsh has been a good friend to country music over the last five years, frequently appearing on tracks from artists like Kenny Chesney and Kix Brooks, and jamming with Brad Paisley at award ceremonies. Now Nashville is returning the favor, helping Walsh cut his first country single.
‘NearBeer’ Mobile App Review
We’d like to believe we’re so psychically in tune with beer that we can sense its presence, but that’s just not the case. That’s why NearBeer exists, to show us how close we are to cheap booze at all times.

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