Weird Foods From Around The World
While in the office yesterday I heard “Down Under” from Men At Work and asked the question, what is Vegemite and what does it taste like? I’ve never had it but heard about it. So with that I took a quest to look up other cultures food.
Preparing Your Pad For Valentine’s Day
While your bachelor pad may be covered with sports posters and empty beer bottles, it may be a problem if you're trying to seal the deal with your lady friend on Valentine's Day. Here are some tips to clean it up!
Woman Fantasize About Food?
Who doesn't love seeing Paris Hilton with that burger? Well according to a Weight Watchers survey, women think about food more than sex. Guess Men and women have something in common, sex and food!
Winter Mood Lifters
If you’re like me you get depressed in the winter months. This winter has been a tough season to get through with record snowfall and freezing temps. When it's cold and gray it can be hard to get out of bed and once we get into work, the motivation to get anything done can be al…
Big Screen TV Deals Better Next Week
If you're looking for a great deal on a flat-screen TV for the Super Bowl, this is a great week to bring one home. But, if you can wait until after the big game, there will probably be even better deals.

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