Hobbies Every Man Should Avoid
We've all got 24 hours each day to burn. In these day's we have to divide it up with our work time, sleep time, time spent fighting with the Mrs, and of course we may have a hobbie. What hobbies should you avoid?
New Slurpee Scheme
A new way for you to enjoy brainfreeze, just in time for warmer weather.  Mmmmmmm....
Things Hollywood Gets Wrong About Bar Fights
You might have spent some time in bars over the weekend and if you were lucky you might have had the extra fun of seeing, or being involved in, a bar fight. Every man loves them, and we love watching them. What does Hollywood always get wrong?
Best Workouts With Your Dog
Dogs are some of the best companions out there. Your dog is always happy to see you, always happy to be with you, and always happy to exercise with you. That's right, my dog Riley wants me to exercise, and your dog wants you to take him or her along.
The Worst Situations For Socially Awkward Men
Some guys have the ability to get through any social situation, some do not. For some odd reason I'm always socially awkward towards little kids. Socially awkward guys just don't know how to handle certain situations, which causes a lot of stress. Which situations are the worst?
Miss Turkey For Carl’s Jr.‘s Turkey Burger
In Carl’s Jr.‘s latest commercial, Miss Turkey shills for the fast food joint’s turkey burgers in stiletto heels, a pageant sash and a custom-made bikini with little turkey burgers printed on it.  I have to admit that bikini is pretty awesome.
The Greatest Feelings A Man Can Feel
Men are, for the most part, simple creatures. It doesn't take much to make much to keep us happy. We do have certain things that can happen that make us feel amazing, and we have the list.
Guy Fieri’s Ideal Ballpark Meals
Maybe you watch “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives” with Guy Fieri. You know by watching this show Guy likes to eat! He’s very entertaining and the food always looks amazing. What kind of food would Guy eat at a ballpark? Well he just told our friends at Maxim,…
People Who Could Kill With Their Bare Hands
A lot of famous people out there have a reputation for being tough, but actually are pretty much big wimps and couldn't hurt a fly. However there are some that could kill with their eyes, and their bare hands.

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