What Women Think Your Car Says About You
Most women won't admit that they care about the car a man drives, but let's be honest, they're lying. The car you drive sends a signal to them the kind of money you're making and also your overall attitude toward life. Interesting right?
5 Great Educational Apps for Kids
Ever given a five-year-old with an iPad a dirty look? Silently tsk tsk-ed in your head? Hold onto your judgment for a minute – they're not all playing Angry Birds. In fact, there are tons of apps out there that are all about learning. Here, we
10 Amazing Lunch Boxes
If you don’t want your kids braving the mystery meat this school year, the first thing you need is a super-cool lunchbox. Here are some of our faves:
Victoria’s Secret Models- Candice Swanepoel
Stealing your heart on a Friday is Candice Swanepoel. She was born in Mooi River, KwaZulu-Natal, and was spotted by a model scout in a Durban flea market at age 15. By age 16, Swanepoel was earning 5,000 Euros for a day's work.
Potatoes Help Pack On The Pounds
Potatoes are known as an inexpensive, fat-free and cholesterol-free source of vitamins and fiber. They are just good eats! However too much of a good thing is never a good idea.

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