Mindless Habits That Cause Weight Gain
I’ve been on a diet, and exercising like crazy lately. But much of our diets really depend on what we do each and every day. Sometimes we're on autopilot, and make bad choices without even knowing it.
Experts Say Men Prefer Wine Over Beer
This next story made me feel like I’m getting too old. It seems hard to imagine, but over the past 10 years, beer has been losing popularity. I know right, it’s a sad day to be a man!
Hangover Remedies For Chili-Palooza
It's almost the weekend, which means Chili-Palooza will finally be here. You'll be sampling some great chili, some great beer, and hear some of the best live music CNY has to offer! After the event this weekend, let's be honest, you'll probably be nursing a hangover, and pos…
Chili-Palooza Beer- Miller Lite
In 1975, the world was introduced to Miller Lite. It was announced as “the first low-calorie beer to be distributed nationally”. Miller Lite became the first mainstream light beer, and maybe your first beer of choice this Saturday at Chili-Palooza.
Halloween Costumes For Lazy People
For Halloween, some people spend a ton of time and money on their costume, hoping that they will make some sort of an impact at the parties. While others wait till the last minute and throw something together and hope for the best. If your among that category then we have a list of some lazy costume…
Chili-Palooza Beer- Genesee Beer
If you’re a fussy beer drinker, you’re in luck, because there will be several different beers available, on draft and in cans at Chili-Palooza this Saturday. There should be a brew for every taste preference and budget. Let’s take a look at one beer, G…
Chili-Palooza Beer- Dundee Honey Brown Lager
Man first brewed with honey more than 2,000 years ago. Fermented honey was the drink of the kings. Coming up this weekend you can sample some Original Honey Brown Lager at Chili-Palooza. Here's a rundown of this lager.
Beer Day Monday- Saranac Pumpkin Ale
It’s Monday and we are all depressed we have another work week ahead of us. The only benefit is its October, and Saranac has plenty of Pumpkin Ale brewing. This Beer Day Monday let’s shine the light on a nice spicy beer, The Pumpkin Ale.
Red Wine Can Prevent Breast Cancer
If you're a wine drinker, you’ll love this next story. Scientists are out there conducting studies that show how wine is good for you. The best part, they keep coming back with data that shows wine is truly good for your health.
The Brews to Choose at Chili-Palooza
With "Chili-Palooza" just days away, Saturday, October 15th at the Herkimer Country Fairgrounds in Frankfort, you probably want to know more about the event. You may have heard that several fire departments will be competing with their chili recipes, and there will be live entertainment. B…

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