Go Dog Sledding in Lake Placid This Winter
There is a lot you can do in the Winter in Central New York. You and your family can snowshoe, cross country or downhill ski, snow mobile, bobsled on the same track as the Olympic lugers or pretend you're in an Alaskan Iditarod.
Free Fishing February 18th and 19th
Get outside and enjoy the Free Fishing Weekend, anyone can fish the fresh or marine waters of New York State and no fishing license, or recreational marine fishing registry is required.
Winter Essentials For Your Car
Just when you think ol' Mother Nature is done for the Winter she hits you with a few inches of fresh snow just to keep you on your toes and your car stuck. Or worse yet stuck in a ditch. Well, just get your emergency kit, the one in your trunk
Should Backpacks Be Banned From Ski Lifts?
If you're a skier and a parent then no doubt you had the dickens scared out of you in the last few weeks seeing those kids dangling from chair lifts by their backpacks at different locations around the country.

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