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NFL Player Asks Cancer Patient to Prom [Video]
Sen'Derrick Marks is a defensive tackle for the Jacksonville Jaguars and recently he visited 18-year-old Khameyea Jennings, who has been diagnosed with cancer. While on his visit he made the young girls dreams come true when he asked her to prom!
Ford Recalls A Million Vehicles For Several Safety Issues
If you own a Ford, you may have to take it to the shop. The company recalled several models for different safety concerns over the past week. From problems with power steering and door latches to fuel pump issues that may stall your car. Get the complete recall list that involves a million vehicles…
The Positive Side of the Baltimore Riots [PHOTOS]
The nation's eyes are on Baltimore after riots broke out this week, but it's not all violence and thugs taking to the streets. The worst often brings out the best in people, a side of the Baltimore riots that should be getting the attention, rather than the negative.

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