Men Are Filling The Supermarkets
Was your Dad in charge of grocery shopping? My Dad always takes command going to BJ’s. He stops at it at least 4 times a week. There was a time when seeing a man in a grocery store was just plain weird but now it’s not uncommon to see a man shopping.
Things You Shouldn’t Do In Public
People everywhere have strange or disgusting habits. Maybe you’re like Mike Sanchez of the Jets who picked his nose on another QB. That clearly wasn’t ok to do in public, but what else should you never do in public?
Fast Food Price Climbing
Fast food is usually cheap, but with the rising costs of beef that may not be the case for much longer. Will this effect your wallet?
Dumbest Ways To Accessorize Your Car
While I was driving in Herkimer, I saw a car with some extra accessories on the back. Some car accessories can add unique style and class to your car, this accessory did not! There are some that just make you look bad and we have the full list.
Chowdown With Chip – Eat More Fruit And Veggies!
Chowdown with Chip – - Yes, we know, DUH. But we could all use the reminder. Don't go looking for quick fixes and tricks without accepting that fruit and veggies are GREAT for you and you should eat a ton of the fresh stuff. If you always end up with a fridge full of rotten produce, stock…
Signs Of A Midlife Crisis
As the march of time rolls along, it happens to every guy the ol' midlife crisis. What are some  signs to watch out for that your midlife crisis is in full swing?
The Most Inspiring Movie Dads
Growing up you see Dad’s on TV and wonder how yours could be like the TV ones. Nothing beats the father Jack Arnold from Wonder Years, or maybe Mr. C aka Howard Cunningham from Happy Days. What are some other inspirational TV/Movie Dad’s?
Which Room Causes The Most Fights?
You push and shove to get in front of the mirror while someone is trying to use the shower. Of course the bathroom is the scene of most fights. How many fights are caused from the “Mans Office” of the house?
Financial Advice People Never Listen To
As a young guy I’m still learning what to do with money, and what not to do. I often break tradition and waste my money on petty things that I honestly don’t need. It appears I’m not the only one though, you’ll love this story!

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