Death By Grilling
Let's face it, there's nothing fun about scientific studies that scare us about doing the stuff we love. This one will ruin your spring, summer, fall, and the rest of your life…
Best Burgers Around
Few things in life are as American as the hamburger. Everyone loves burgers, and many would say that there's no such thing as a bad one. But there are some that clearly rise above the rest, making them our favorites.
Male Grooming Myths
There are so many myths and old wives tales about everything, even how men groom themselves.Whether we refrain from shaving every day or avoid eating chocolate before going to bed, there are 10 common grooming myths that experts have debunked.
Booze Knocks Women Out More Than Men
Guys who party hard know that booze can (and will) knock you out, causing you to sleep deeper and longer than normal. Well, researchers have discovered that booze affects women's sleep even more.
Signs You’re Getting Old
Have you ever heard the expression "Age is just a number"? It's really just something you say more and more as you get older. The truth is, age is just a number and it doesn't necessarily represent how old you are.
Woman Fantasize About Food?
Who doesn't love seeing Paris Hilton with that burger? Well according to a Weight Watchers survey, women think about food more than sex. Guess Men and women have something in common, sex and food!
Odd Ingredients In Chili
Two food items seem to be becoming a bigger deal at Super Bowl parties every year is guacamole and chili. It seems every year that there is a new recipe for chili with something unique in it. I know in our office Polly Wog, from Big Frog 104, will be making chocolate chili. I can’t w…
Is Chivalry Dead Or Should We Kill It?
Who doesn't like the occasional door held open for them, or the chair pulled out? Most women find this to be a thoughtful and gentlemanly gesture. I always open the door for people so I guess I pass the test! But for some reason not everyone likes this.

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