Energy Saving Tips For Fall [VIDEO]
Now that fall has arrived here in central New York, as the thermometer goes down, energy costs go up. Here are a few energy and money-saving tips before the cold weather sets in.
Spring Cleaning Tips
Now the we're well into spring, you may be starting your spring cleaning. The weather hasn't cooperated much with outdoor cleaning chores, so here are some tips on making your indoor spring cleaning easier.
New ‘Her’ Trailer: Can Joaquin Phoenix Find Love With Siri?
Spike Jonze's new movie 'Her' may not get Scarlett Johansson a Golden Globe, but it's definitely one of our most anticipated titles for the rest of the year. The latest trailer plays up the melancholy as Joaquin Phoenix finds joy (and possible emptiness) when he falls in love wit…
4 Tips On How To Properly Close Your Pool
Sadly it's that time of year again where we have to wave goodbye to the pool fa-noodles and say hello to the glove and mittens. Even though you may get a few more weeks out of your pool, I know many friends that hold a tradition of closing their pool over Labor Day Weekend. Here's 4 tips on how to p…

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