5 Things To Do To Avoid The Winter Weather
If you have kids they should be getting close to a serious case of cabin fever I know our Nieces and Nephews certainly are, depending on your kid's ages you might try a few of these ideas to get you through
Get your House Clean Again After The Holiday
Think about it nobody gets up and says with a straight face, today I'm going to clean the house! I know no one ever told me there was a correct way to clean the kitchen or well  the toilet for that matter.
‘Must Things’ For Central New Yorkers To Do This Year
Here it is, 2017.  As we kick off the brand new year, there are some everyday, mundane things that are important, and recommended for us to do at least once this year.  Now might be a good time to include them on your planner for the year, as they can be easily overlooked...
What To Do If You Clog Grandma’s Toilet This Christmas
Christmas and New Year's Eve are two holidays that bring families together. Usually a lot of food is eaten and drinks are drunk. Naturally, our bodies respond to this intake and the use of a bathroom is usually required. So, what happens when you make the embarrassing mistake of clogging t…

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