Healthy Foods That Can Cause Weight Gain
While you're trying to eat healthier you still need to be careful. A lot of healthy foods can actually cause some weight gain too. Here's a few foods to watch out for if you're eating too much of it.
Your Cell Phone Knows If Your Depressed
Not only does our cell phone have all our contacts, know all our account numbers and passwords, know where we've been and where we're going, know about our love life, spell for us, but now it knows if we're depressed.
Johnson City Hospital Parking Ramp Collapsed
The parking ramp at Wilson Hospital near the emergency room entrance has collapsed into the bottom floor.  The two story parking structure is on Baldwin Street directly across from the facility's emergency room.
A crane has arrived on scene to aid in the removal of vehicles and debris...
Reasons You Should Never Wear Flip Flops
It's summertime. Maybe since the snow melted you've been dying to wear your flip flops. Should you even be wearing them? Here's a few reasons from doctors and science why you should never wear flip flops again.
Best Drinks To Have After Running The Boilermaker
Plan on running the Boilermaker this weekend? When you're done you probably plan on drinking a beer or two after the brewery. That's ok! However, you may find if you drink this you'll recover a little bit faster after running. Here's the top post run drinks, other than water.
New Videogame Will Help You Lose Weight
Looking for a pretty easy way to lose weight? Just play video games. Researchers have developed an online video game that they claim can help help you lose weight as little as a week of playing it.

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