Andelina Bonomo Of Proctor High Wins The Wing Fling
It's been a few years (ahem!) since I walked into a high school albeit my first visit to Proctor and man all the memories come FLOODING back! I was lucky I made it through the doors without hundreds of hungry students on their lunch break trying to sneak a bite
This Week’s Wing Fling Giveaway Winner – Robert Lawler
If you do construction, chances are you've been to McQuade & Bannigan many times, and maybe Rob has helped you find exactly what you needed for your project large or small. This time he and Stan and everyone else in the showroom got to be served. With pizza and wings that is!
Meet Kelly Preston Your Keith James All Star Band Singer
Following the greatest voting battle so far, Kelly Preston has been given the right by YOU to step up and grab the Keith James All Star Band microphone on November 7th at Cavallo's. But first, if you're not familiar with her or her latest band Hot Roxx, take a listen below to her interview
Liz Stachow Wins This Week’s Wing Fling Giveaway
Liz and her pals at the Oneida County Office For The Aging down at the old Oneida County Airport were our winners of the free pizza and wings this week, but despite our coordinated efforts, Liz wasn't there when I delivered her prize. However if I had just left minutes before for vacay at Disne…
Meet Ken Race, Your Keith James All Star Band Drummer
Ken has risen out of relative obscurity to claim the drum throne for his own in the Keith James All Star Band and we finally caught up with him to hear of his exploits and while his name may not be as well known as others, his experience flies in the face of that scoring gigs opening for the likes o…
Vote Now For Your Favorite Central New York Singer
We've got one last musician to choose, so let the final round of hair-pulling and nail-biting commence now that the nominees for everyone's favorite Central New York vocalist are in! There's a good selection of both male and female belters up for your consideration for the Keith James…
Meet Walt Butler, Your Keith James All Star Band Bass Player
Walt Butler was the very first member of the Keith James All Star Band and for those of you who don't know him, he's the epitome of a great musician but as you can tell from his interview, he's a great person too and that combination is pretty rare and a huge credit to his profession.

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