How To Become Our 96.1 ODZ Employee Of The Day
Maybe you've heard someone talk about how they became 96.1 ODZ's Employee Of The Day. We’re handing out hundreds of dollars in prizes including CDs, free food and more and we never mention it on air. Being an Employee Of The Day is a perk of being a Classic Reward Club Memb…
Your Wing Fling Giveaway Winner – Jaimee Fogus
This is why I make a sucky pizza delivery guy, or more accurately why Siri can go take a long walk off of a short pier! I was in Oneida at noon on the nose but my GPS (and lack of directional common sense) sent me all over the place.
Christina Valenti Is Your ‘Utica Big Bang 2014′ Winner
This past month we launched a Twitter campaign to give one lucky Oldiez 96 listener the shot at creating the biggest bang of it's type that Utica has ever seen. We're blowing up the Fay Street warehouse to make way for arterial improvements and Christina Valenti was drawn
Nominate Your CNY Favorite For ’50 Musicians In 50 Days’
Welcome to Fifty Musicians in Fifty Days, part two in our series amplifying local music louder than any sound system can! If you know someone who takes the stage in the area regularly whether they pick up an instrument (ANY instrument or several), are a singer, a songwriter, play solo or in a band, …

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