Boilermaker Burger Relay
Upload a photo of yourself below enjoying a Boilermaker Burger to our station’s website or Twitter or Instagram using the #BoilermakerBurgerRelay
Mohawk Valley Flood Fund Donations Pour in at Boilermaker Post Party
The Boilermaker crowd showed their generosity and support for our neighbors still recovering from the devastating flooding in Central New York.  Thousands donated to the Mohawk Valley Flood Fund and you can still help by giving to the Flood Fund online, with the link below.  See pictures of everyone…
Boilermaker 2013 Winners
The Kenyans return in force at the 2013 Boilermaker claiming both the men's and women's title at the 15K Road Race.
2013 Boilermaker 15K Men's Winner
Julius Keter of Kenya wins the 2013 Utica Boilermaker 15K Road Race
2013 Boilermaker 15K Women's Winner
In 49 minutes and 33 seconds the women's champion …

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