Boyfriend Cheating Prank Backfires [VIDEO]
Karma can bite you in the behind.  This boyfriend decided to prank his girlfriend while on their 5th anniversary in Aruba. Little did he know, she realized something was up and decided to prank him back.
‘Batman vs. Superman’ Wants a Wonder Woman?
On top of yesterday's news that 'Batman vs. Superman' is possibly looking for a Robin, word has leaked that they may want to get that much closer to the 'Justice League' goalpost by introducing Wonder Woman into the mix, and three actresses are currently in contention for th…
The 7 Craziest Women in WWE History
There’s something about a girl in a mini-skirt skipping around a wrestling ring that’s very appealing to males. Whether you’re into her looks, her character or you just dig crazy chicks, A.J. is the most popular female — perhaps, the most popular person — in the WW…

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