Wine A Little Wednesday – Chardonnay
Truth be told I am not the Chardonnay drinker in the family, that would be my wife. I do sample a chardonnay from time to time if she raves about something she comes across. This is one of those times.
Wine A Little Wednesday With Don Cristi
weeks blend is from California as well.
Last week we opened 'Wine a Little Wednesday' with a red blend from California. You'll remember that blend is also red but not a heavy red like a Merlot or cab. This weeks blend is from California as well.
5 Things Your Dog Shouldn’t Eat
Dogs, I think were born to beg, morning noon and night. Now just because they are begging doesn't mean that we should cave at every meal and give them some table food. According to Mother Nature there are 5 things that dogs should never eat and why.

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