Are you a big Journey fan? If you’re like me than that answer should have been a YES! Well we got your chance to see them live!

Listen all next week for your chance to win a pair of passes to see Journey live at The Watertown Fairgrounds August 14th with special Guest Loverboy. Listen at 7:50 for your Journey song of the day and when you hear it be caller 12 at 768-9600 for your chance to win.

Tickets are still available and can be purchased toll free 1-800-533-2859 or through the website

I have a ton of favorite Journey songs. To pick one is quite the challenge. I do have to say though that I’m a huge fan of this music video. It has space flight, and history. For a nerd like me it’s a win-win!



“Wheel In The Sky” was the second Top 100 song from the first Journey album featuring their new lead singer Steve Perry. This song, along with "Lights," put Journey on the radio and on their way to Stadium Rock stardom in the '80s. Let’s take you back to 1978.