The reasons I love radio just grow and grow each day. At our office we develop some pretty cool and fun contests. Now a days you can win some pretty bizarre prizes in radio contests, but this one is by far the most bizarre I've ever seen.

According to The Frisky, a Canadian radio station, 100.3 The Bear, has offered its listeners a chance to win a mail order bride. The prize includes airfare to Russia, 13 nights stay at a hotel and $500 to spend with your bride-to-be.

Let's spotlight one of the brides:

Name: Vanessa

Occupation: Mother

Worst movie you’ve sat through in hopes of scoring: Watchmen is the worst movie ive sat through..

Do you fold or scrunch the toilet paper?: scrunch

Please describe your perfect wife: Avril Lavigne and Megan fox combined.

Describe your worst sexual experience: All sex is good.

For more comments and contest rules click here.

Some of the comments on the stations website include: “Did you guys just offer to hook up with the lady? That's classy. At least offer her something more substantial. For instance, to rub her feet, hang out with her kid, or make her a lovely dinner.”

What do you think of a contest like this? Horrible or humorous?